Precut squares for Your Convenience

These natural brown unbleached parchment paper sheets are perfect for separating hamburgers and cookies and other creations. No more having to deal with trying to cut the exact size from parchment paper. Eliminate wasting extra paper from parchment rolls. You may find that other parchment sheets will not provide the exact fit that ours do.

Multiple Uses and Versatile

From delicate cookies to sticky caramel buns, every baked item slips right off the parchment paper sheets. They can be used for baking besides storing.


Zenlogy’s parchment is coated with non toxic vegetable silicone to make them greaseproof. Our sheets are unbleached and environmentally friendly. They are better for your health and also more pliable than the white wax paper.

Easy Storage

Comes in a perforated box so you can pull out sheets as needed while storing them securely.

  • WHY ZENLOGY PARCHMENT – Our Non-toxic vegetable Silicone coated Greaseproof Parchment squares for separating baked items, hamburgers, and candies.
  • MULTIPLE USES – These are not only great for separating but they can actually be used for baking. Example include, lining your muffin pans before baking in the oven.
  • NONTOXIC - Zenlogy parchment paper are unbleached, non-toxic, greaseproof and biodegradable.
  • EASY STORAGE - Our sheets lay flat and comes in perforated box for easy storage and use.